PM Tsipras reveals govt. policy program

PM Tsipras reveals govt policy program

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“… I want to assure MPs and citizens that we want to apply the whole of our pre-elections promises.

For me this commitment is a matter of honor and reliability. A matter of democratic duty.

Austerity policies lead the country to political and economic deadlock.

We have commitments only towards the Greek people.

Greece features on world stage, but for the first time in positive light, as country that does not accept orders like that does not accept “orders via e-mails” (reference to Troika sending austerity demands via emails)

The agenda is changing, the negotiations have started with SYRIZA presenting proposals.

In this negotiations there are not only the technocrats but also the people, the Greek people, the European people who will not allow such development.

The previous gov’t intentionally chose to impose very short time frame for negotiations by asking 2-month extension”

The previous gov’t accepted a mixture of policies destined to fail but also left next gov’t with hands tied.

We repeat in all tunes that Greece wants to serve its debt. We tell this to our partners.

If we accept that austerity is catastrophic, we will achieve technical solutions via negotiations …”


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